How to Find a Remote Job

Recently, I briefly went through a period of looking into next step options.  I’ve worked remotely for years and have no intentions of ever changing that!  We were blessed with an awesome opportunity that popped up, so the search is finally over.  But before I completely turn to the next page, I thought I’d throw out some links that were incredibly helpful:

Additionally, just because a gig is not explicitly tagged as “remote” does not mean they wouldn’t consider it — especially for well-qualified applicants.  So, spend lots of time on LinkedIn, StackOverflow Jobs (without the “remote” tag), etc. looking for openings within your niche.  However, be cognizant of companies that are open to remote employees, but are not “remote organizations”.  If you’re the only one doing it, or they’re not prepared to be all-in on concept, you’re opening yourself to frequent disappointment and frustration.

Of course, all of this is trumped by the #1, most effective way to land your dream position: networking